Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti (DVAS) founded on 21th June 1992 is working towards empowerment of marginalized communities and groups i.e Dalits, Women, Children and other economically and socially deprived sections of society, over the last 25 years in Bihar through addressing factors of exclusion and advancement of their entitlements.

The organization believes in its developmental model attenuated for increased participation of marginalized communities through various enabling strategies and programs such towards ensuring socio- economic transformation and dignity through access to quality education, health services and livelihood options. The organization believes in organic and inorganic growth of an individual and the community through increased exposure and development of core competency thereby leading to the development of intrinsic skill and managerial capabilities.

Realizing that education, health and livelihood are powerful drivers for overall development and a strong instrument to address and minimize the socio-economic inequities and exclusion across the society DVAS has been working on thematic areas: