Dalit Vikas Abhiyan Samiti strongly beholds education as a catalyst to foster development of the marginalized societies and instrumental in creating awareness around issues related to rights and entitlements. The organization has been involved in periodic study of educational process of the marginalized as Scheduled Caste children to understand the factors and causes responsible for exclusion of children for the educational process. Inclusion of Girls is special focus of the organization as the girls are discriminated not only on the basis of caste but also on the of gender within the society and even within the families and engaged in household chores and seldom encouraged to continue with education especial at upper primary levels and beyond.

The safety and security of girl child is further at larger risk during educational process  if she belongs to Dalit or other marginalized community as the state of Bihar is known for caste and class embedded society and caste based discriminations. The discrimination with dalit child begins with the process of socialization of which educational process is an integral part. To build a aware mandate on issues of safe and secure education for girls the organization has facilitated formation and strengthening of Kishori groups in its intervention area. Further the organization has been involving women SHG and youths in discussion and dialogue around safety and educational issues of girls in their meetings. The organization has also oriented a large number of SMC members on aspects as girl child discrimination, safety and security of girls in its intervention districts.

The organization has been advocating for proper implementation of Right to Education 2010 norms at the educational institution with the government. It has been working with focused intervention on proper implementation of 12 AC of Rte. 2010 – Free and compulsory education to children of BPL section of society up to 25 % of total capacity of Schools in Urban and peri urban areas where private schools are present in large number at state level and especially in the intervention districts. Some of the key initiatives undertaken by the organization are as :