Empowerment of Women has been a non-negotiable principle for DVAS since its inception. The organization values empowerment of women as building base for strong family and value-based society. The organization has undertaken a series of initiatives ranging from formation and nurturing of SHG’s and campaign against domestic violence, child marriage, right to poverty etc related with women. The organization has been instrumental in organizing women groups especially dalit women groups on issues related with sexual and physical harassment. Fact finding, para legal training and counselling and support are some basic interventions of the organization to support women in difficult situation / empowerment.  Over 1050 case of domestic violence has been successfully counseled and amicable settled by the organization.

The organization has undertaken sincere efforts and investment to address the issue of protection of child rights and development. In fact in coordination with organizational policy on child rights and child protection the organization has been organizing sensitization campaign on child marriage, Girl child education and issue of child labour since its inception. It has been promoting child rights and child participation in educational process through building capacities of Baal Sansad in over 200 schools in  its intervention area. It has also been instrumental in promoting awareness on child rights among community, children and other stakeholders to ensure coordinated action for establishment of child rights and child protection.